Accommodation Options

Accommodations refer to the set of assistive tools that are present in the lockdown browser for testers who require help with certain parts of the interface (such as colors or needs for breaks during an assessment).

Accommodation Dashboard

For each assessment administration, the accommodation options are available for students via the “Students” menu under the Action buttons to the right of the administration name. This dashboard will display any assigned accommodations for the current administration. Administrators can choose to edit accommodations for a given student using the Edit button to the right of the student's name.

Setting Accommodations for a Learner

  • Click the Add student button in the upper right corner of the Accommodation options dashboard screen.

  • Select the learner from the Name drop-down menu – this will only display learners who are currently in the administration (for example, if they have entered the administration code when they created their account).
  • Select the appropriate options:
    • Extended time options include 115%, 125%, 150% and 200%
    • Unscheduled break request
      Allows learners to take breaks on an “as needed” basis. Learners will click on the break option, confirm they want to go on break, and then indicate when they are back to resume the test. The timer will continue to countdown, this option might need to be used with extended time. The learner will not be able to return to any previously viewed or answered questions.

Learner View

If you have received explicit approval for Unscheduled Breaks, there will be a Break Request option toward the bottom of the screen.

Selecting Break Request will prompt to confirm you want to take a break.

NOTE: when you return from a break, you will not be able to return to any previously answered or viewed items, this includes the item currently on your screen. 

During the break, a message will be displayed on your screen. To resume the test, select Continue.


You may take breaks as needed during the test. 

REMINDER: you should not participate in any prohibited activity during a break.

If you attempt to go to an item presented prior to a break, you will receive the following message. 


  • Click the Create button to save those options for the selected learner. You will now see the learner and the selected options available on the Accommodations dashboard screen.
  • High contrast - 
    Black text on a white background, or vice versa, both have very high levels of contrast and are thus easier to read. The learner initiates this by clicking on the accessibility icon on their testing screen.

    Learner View

Accommodations Report

Also within the Accommodations dashboard is the tool that lets administrators download a report that contains all the learners with accommodations and the specific accommodations they have been granted. Additionally, the report will indicate whether specific accommodations were utilized by the learner or not.

The report will be downloaded to the device download directory when selected and is in a standard spreadsheet format.