How to activate your LifeJourney Application account

Learn how to activate your account for the first time using the LifeJourney mobile app.

When setting up your Learner account for the first time via the LifeJourney mobile application, you will want to select the Create with email option.

Make sure your email is associated with the email that your institution would have added to LifeJourney. At this time, users cannot create an account that is not connected to an Institution.

Select Create with email.


Enter your information and pick a password. Then click Sign up.

Follow the screen prompts to select a language (currently English and Spanish are available) and click Get Started.

The next screen will ask you to confirm your user information.

Note: email information is grayed out in this example for user privacy.


Next, you will be prompted to add your profile image. You can use the application to Take a Photo using the camera on your phone or you can select Choose photo to upload one from your photo albums. When you are done click Next.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to set your location information by entering your country, city, and state. This is important information to fill out correctly as job opportunities in the CareerBit feature of the mobile app use your country to show the right job listings.

Next, you will need to activate your account with a code. When your institution created your account, you should have been sent an email that contained a code to activate your account. Enter that code here.

When the application registers your code correctly, it will say “Connect to CLR.

That’s it! You can now use the LifeJourney mobile application to manage your digital wallet with credentials.

Accessing the application on the Web

Please note: Your same username and password can also be used to access the Web version of the application at

Continuing on with the app setup

You can select the Next button to continue to access the application. If your institution has also enabled the CareerBit application with access to career pathways and job listings, you may be prompted to answer a few more questions to set up that product.