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How to import a Credential from Credly

How do you upload an image of a badge from another wallet to LifeJourney?

If you have downloaded an image of a credential from Credly, you may have some unique features when you import that credential into your LifeJourney wallet.

Credential images can be “baked” meaning they contain data and cryptographic proofs that go along with the credential in the details of the image itself.


If this is the type of image you have, you can import these to your LifeJourney wallet using the ADD CREDENTIAL button found in your wallet on the web application at https://life.territorium.com/#/login . This will import the credential into the Self-Asserted/Imported section of your wallet.


Web view:

Mobile view:


On the ADD CREDENTIAL screen, you should upload the credential image first so that the LifeJourney wallet can determine if you have data baked in your image downloaded from Credly. If the data is present, the fields for title, description, and skill fields should automatically populate on the screen.  When you are happy with your import, select SUBMIT.


Web view:

Mobile view:


*Note: As of iOS 16, Apple strips metadata from images downloaded into the Photo library on to a mobile device (iphone or ipad). This may affect the ability for the import to read your badge name, description, and skills automatically. If this happens, you can enter this information manually and select the related skills from the library. We advise downloading the image to your Files library instead as this should preserve the data to be imported. 


Your badge will then appear in the imported section of the wallet. 



As with other credentials, your imported credential will have a share link enabled. The data will show your name, list the credential as “External” to LifeJourney, and provide the description, criteria, and issuer information from the data embedded in the baked image. 



With this credential in your wallet, you can now use it to drive your Opportunity Fit score for career pathways or jobs. In this example, the credential contained the skill “online learning.” In the LifeJourney job search, you can see how it matches to the skills required for an instructional designer. This user only matches for that one skill on this job listing so their match score is 4%.


It’s a good idea to explore other courses or credentials that can give you the additional skills necessary to pursue this job.