How to use the My Jobs feature to save jobs

Manage lists of saved jobs so you can easily apply for them later.

Millions of jobs are available in LifeJourney for you to search for the perfect job that interests you. As you use the app to search for different types of jobs, save the ones that interest you the most so that you can easily find them again to apply later.


You can search for jobs with a quick keyword search on the Explore Tab.

new explore

Or you can perform an advanced search from the job opportunities tab, which is indicated by the briefcase icon.

briefcase icon

This also includes a section called My Jobs where you can access your saved listings.

My Jobs

See the article on how to use Advanced Search for tips on crafting the best search!


Once you have found a job you like, you can either Save or Unsave a job directly on the job listing.


To save a job, select the light blue Save Job button on the job listing.

select Save job

Later, if you no longer want to keep that job in your saved list, access the listing again and select the light blue Unsave Job button.


Select Unsave job


After you have saved one or more jobs, you will see them on your My Jobs page.

view list of my saved jobs2

As you add more and more listings to your saved list, you can also use several filtering options. You can scroll through the results, or use the keyword search box. Results can be narrowed using their saved Pathways.


Use the Filter Pathway drop-down menu to access your saved pathways. After selecting a pathway, the My Jobs list will filter to only results where the occupation matches the selected pathway.

my jobs filter by pathway

The pathway selection will remain defaulted on the My Jobs page until you remove it. To change or clear the pathway filter, select the drop-down again. Either select the radio button of a different pathway or select the Clear Selection button to clear all pathway filters.

clear pathway

There’s one last thing! To help LifeJourney learn from your interests, after you visit a job listing directly at an employer’s website you’ll receive a pop-up asking you if you have applied for the job or not so that we can improve results for you.