Proctoring for Assessments

When planning your exam administrations, you need to consider the types of proctoring (if any) you will need. Here we will help you understand the different types of proctoring offered, and the implications of each on your exam experience.

There are 3 types of proctoring available for your assessment administrations: 

  1. Un-Proctored - no additional level of observation or management over testers
  2. Institution Proctored (also simply called "Proctored") - Organization staff provide additional observation and administration of the testers within a campus lab or setting
  3. AI Proctored - A proctoring tool utilizes AI technology to look for anomolies and security concerns by observing testers remotely through their device cameras and microphones. Organization staff's review & action of the noted anomalies is required to allow or block behaviors.

Each of these proctoring types are available for each of the exams offered in Territorium Assessment Services. Every proctoring type still requires the Lockdown Browser to be installed for test security.

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