Respondus Lockdown Browser Chromebook Extension

Guide to installing and testing within the Respondus lockdown browser on LifeJourney using the Chromebook extension.


If you experience technology issues while testing, you may require an alternative testing device. 

ChromeOS: LockDown Browser for Chromebook minimally requires the version of ChromeOS that Google makes available via their Long Term Support (LTS) channel. For more information, visit: 

Respondus recommends keeping your Chromebook updated to the most recent version that is available via Google’s ChromeOS “Stable” channel: 

Install Respondus extension for Chromebook testing 

In the test Instructions select Chromebook Extension, you will be redirected to the Chrome web store. 

From the Chrome web store, select Add to Chrome

Or click Chromebook Extension to install from here.

You will be prompted to Add “Territorium LockDown Browser”, select Add extension. 

The following screen will display when the extension has been added. 

You will be prompted to close any extra tabs, windows, and applications prior to starting the test. Select Close and then manually close all open tabs, windows and applications. 

When all have been closed, go back to the test Instructions page and select Start.