Respondus Lockdown Browser FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our Respondus Lockdown browser

If you need help installing the Lockdown Browser for campus lab computers, please reach out to

The first step in troubleshooting issues with your lockdown browser is to ensure that you  are working within the recommended environment for our assessments. Check here for optimal settings for your device.

I am getting a blank screen when I launch my test in the lockdown browser, what is happening?

Often, if the amount of tests being taken goes over the amount of tests available for your institution the lockdown browser will open, but no test content will show in the browser window. Please contact your school or instructor for further guidance.

I don't see any navigation tools in my lockdown browser window so I cannot move to the next step of the exam. 

When we see this, it often means that there is an external monitor trying to display the lockdown browser window, which is not allowed by the software. To ensure your test is navigatable, please turn off or unplug the external monitor.

When I try to open my test, I am getting an error message about the Lockdown browser OEM needing to close other programs, what should I do?

The lockdown browser will want all other programs on the device closed. In some cases, that error message means that the installation of the lockdown browser was corrupted and needs to be attempted again.


I tried creating my account and launching the test, but it failed due to the lockdown browser. Should I create another account and try again?

Do not create another account. When you have duplicate accounts your test data will be split and there is no way to merge those extra accounts together.

I've tried all the other troubleshooting tips and still am not able to get my lockdown browser to launch my exam, what should I do?

Don't panic. The lockdown browser software is like any other installation, sometimes it gets corrupted or needs to be started over. Simply uninstall the software from your machine, resetart your device and try the install again. Many times, that step solves everything. 

If that still doesn't work, contact and we will check to ensure there are not issues with the software provider that are causing the problems and troubleshoot with you.