Student assessment access troubleshooting

If a student is not able to launch their exam on LifeJourney, please explore some of these troubleshooting tips.

  • Student or Campus device: Verify that if the administration requires student to enter their student ID, they are entering it exactly as they did when they created their account.
  • Student or Campus device: Verify that if the administration has a maximum tests allowed applied, that the limit of exams hasn't been reached. If so, please increase the number or remove the cap altogether to enable student access. Also, administrators need to verify that they have sufficient assessment inventory available for their student to launch the exams.
  • Student or Campus device: Administrators can visit the View Student tools for each administration to Reset or Reopen exams if a student is stuck after starting an exam.
  • Campus device: Individual device or lab machine has latest lab version of the Respondus lockdown browser installed - please request access to the lab version download from 
  • Student device: Tester has downloaded and installed the Territorium version of the lockdown browser. Other versions of the Respondus lockdown browser, like the Canvas version, are not compatible. After installation, we recommend a restart of the device.
  • Student device: Tester is attempting access using an approved device/environment (no iPad/phone/tablets) and that the device and operating system are listed in the Territorium Assessment Services - Recommended Environment for Exams.
  • Student device: Verify that tester has followed the steps below:
      1. Downloaded and installed the latest Territorium version of the lockdown browser. 
      2. Open a Chrome or Safari browser window.
      3. Click on the test tile.
      4. Click on Start (this launches only our version of the lockdown browser).
      5. Take the test.
  • Student or Campus device: Send a screenshot of the full screen when attempting to start the test to for more assistance.