What is LifeJourney?

Are you exhausted with the many different tools available to help guide students? Do you get lost in all the different pathways for learners? Is it difficult to get one single view and voice of truth of gaps in a learner’s education to work pathway?


Introducing LifeJourney

LifeJourney provides a comprehensive digital wallet for learners to store evidence of their academic or skills-based achievements in a mobile, yet sharable format. While LifeJourney allows access to all their credentials stored in their digital wallet, they can unlock a marketplace of learning experiences to prepare them for additional education, job applications, and additional training programs.

The LifeJourney is designed to help learners take control over their digital credentials regardless of their individual paths to succeed. Two students do not take the same pathway, so a system should be configurable to account for the many different paths of our nation’s learning, and learning experiences from educational activities or work experiences. We believe that every learner can succeed and there are opportunities for everyone. Our digital wallet follows a learner across their lifetime to help them connect competency records from high school, college, military, workforce, graduate school, and self-interest.

LifeJourney offers institutions and learners:

  • Reduced organizational costs and administrative burdens through one single platform to help learners gain access to their required assessments, job exploration assessments, comprehensive learner records, career options, and much more.
  • Fully integrated with Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
  • Enable a marketplace to help learners differentiate themselves by allowing stackable digital credentials, with the ability to opt-in to allow employers and postsecondary institutions access to your digital credentials.
  • Fully built interoperable platform using Credential Engine’s Registry, CASE standards, and the future of resumes (Wellspring initiative).

Our secure and interoperable platform enables learners to take control of their own individual credentials and pathways and explore many unique configurable methods to further improve their lifetime earning power potential through additional education, workforce credentials, basic and soft skills assessments, and, ultimately job placements.