Administering Tests & Surveys

Step by step instructions walking through the process to administer tests and surveys.

Creating Administrations

Creating an Administration configures the delivery of a test for Learners.

  • Select the Administrations > Dashboard from the menu items, then Add administration.

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  • Administration Name should include information that will assist you in differentiating Administrations when they appear in a list; it is helpful that the Name provides context for the Administration as it is also associated with Learning Experiences, displayed in PDF reports, and included as a field in the raw data files.
  • Enter the maximum number of students to take this assessment in the Max tests allowed field. Leave this field at "0" if you do not have a limit of test takers.
  • To select the Test, start typing the name of the Test that was created or purchased; you can only select tests that are available in your account.
  • Dates provide the administration timeframe in which the test is available to Learners to take the test. Enter start/end dates directly into the fields or open the calendar tool and click the first date, then drag to the last date to select the start/end range.
  • Time zone is important for providing the correct testing times for participants.
  • Select the relevant Learning Experience to add to this Administration, start typing the name of the Learning Experience; select the Learning Experience from the drop-down. Click on Create a Learning Experience automatically to have the system auto-generate it. If you do not create a Learning Experience, you will NOT be able to create an administration. 
  • Extended time allows you to offer more time for Learners to finish their test. You can choose between No extended time, 150% extended time, and Double time. Standard reports are provided for each Administration. In the case where Learners use both regular time test codes and extended time test codes, the reports will include all Learners irrespective of the test time. Create separate Administrations if test reporting requires separation of scores based upon Learners being provided different test duration times. 
  • Configuration options available for each Administration.
    • Survey gives you the option to include customized questions as part of the test administration. Selecting Survey will prompt for selection of a survey previously created. This Survey will be presented to the Learners at the beginning of the test. Instructions for creating a Survey are provided in the companion guide, – Authoring Tests & Surveys”.
    • AI Proctoring is only available to select if purchased.
    • AI Proctors is only available to select if a proctored test (AI or Institution proctored) has been purchased. Prior to assigning proctors to an administration, the “Proctor” profile will need to be created and users assigned to it. Select from the available proctors in the drop-down menu to assign them to an Administration.
    • Show scores to Learners allows Learners to see their scores immediately after completing the test.
    • Lockdown browser forces test takers to download the Respondus lockdown browser. This browser prevents users from doing non-approved activities during the test, like screen captures and navigating away from the test window to other browser windows.
    • Require ID number to Learner when launching the test, the Learner will be prompted to enter their ID. If the Learner didn’t enter their ID when creating their account, their account will be updated with the ID entered when launching the test. If they did enter their ID upon account creation, the ID they enter when launching the test will be validated against their account ID.
    • Layout options allows the test question number sequence to be at the bottom of the tester's screen or the stop.  Bottom is the standard layout.
    • Optional final message provides the opportunity for the delivery of a message to Learners after they finish the test. The optional final message is authored using a WYSIWYG editing tool.
    • Click Submit to finalize your selections. Upon submitting the creation of the Administration, test codes will be automatically generated. If an extended time option is selected, a second test code will be generated to be used for the same administration but for extended time. This code will be listed in the Code Extended column. Select and copy these codes to provide to Learners for accessing and starting the test.
  • Administration Management. Once the Administration is created, you can access the different options for management. In the Administration Dashboard, under the Actions column, there are several available options.image-png-Jan-12-2024-03-22-07-7246-PM
    • View details – displays information about the Administration configuration.
    • Edit administration – access to edit the Administration name, dates, and configurations.
    • View students – provides an up-to-date view of the Learner status in the Administration and access to Learner-level reports as they complete the test. Progress bar indicates test takers advancement through the assessment, Test Time will show the amount of time assigned (100-200%), Test Code, test Status, and Reset or Reopen actions.
    • Reports – access to Administration-level CSV and PDF reports.
    • AI Proctoring – area for proctors to check Learner testing anomalies, and view and clear any issues with Learner identification flagged by the AI system. This button will only appear for Learners that are flagged for proctoring-related issues.

Getting Learners Started on their Tests

Based on the type of test configuration selected, provide the appropriate instructions to Learners for access. The process begins with Learners using the Codes generated for the respective Administrations and creating their own LifeJourney username and password.