HEIghten® | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Can an order be canceled?   
Unfortunately, once tests have been purchased and assigned, we do not offer refunds. We can transfer test units in your inventory to other HEIghten exams, but we don’t offer a return on unused tests.

What can we do if our organization has two different testing dates?  
Extending the date will leave the exam open for the whole group the whole range, so the best option will be two different administrations for your cohorts. 

Is there any way Administrators can view the assessment as the student sees it?  
The easiest way to do this is to "take" the test with the code yourself.       

When do students ‘see’ the survey items we provided?  
The survey appears after the beginning instructions page and before the first official test item.

Does each test attempt count towards our inventory?
Yes, each test attempt, whether successfully submitted or not, will count towards your inventory. The Territorium platform only allows each account/email to take an exam one time. Please be certain that testers are using their school email address and not any additional email addresses to alleviate any duplicate test attempts.  

How does the timer works in the test?  
The timer starts at 60:00 and counts down. Once the timer is at zero the student cannot submit their test or move to any other questions, their session basically ends.    

I understand a student can exit out of the test without answering all items. Is there any way to force them to answer all items?  
We do not have a way to force them to answer all items.

If a student accidentally closes their browser or gets kicked out the system does the test/timer pick up where they left off?  
Yes, it picks up where they left off.

We administered this same test via ETS to many of these same students, so some of them are in the ETS system. If they try to create a new account in your system, will that cause any troubles?  
All students need to select Create an Account (not Login) on the login page at life.territorium.com. The ETS system accounts are not replicated in our system, so students are creating a new account at life.territorium.com for them to take the new HEIghten exams.  


Is there PDF versions of the support resources in the Success Center?
In order for us to keep the information updated when we release new features, we have all of our support on the Success Center in online articles. We have some admins who utilize a “print to PDF” feature in their browsers to get a download static copy of the instructions, but please realize that those may change with updates to our LifeJourney portal or assessment services technologies.

Will the students who took the test receive an ETS "badge" or certificate? 
The badging for ETS is only offered in their system – we do have a Certified Learning Record and are offering badging programs for other achievements if an organization purchases the licenses for that system.

Will I have access to data from prior administrations serviced on ETS’s platform? 
Report data from prior administrations on the ETS platform is available for download from the ETS portal. Please contact your ETS representative for additional information. 

Will data from prior administrations serviced on ETS’s platform be available on Territorium’s platform? 
No. Only data from administrations serviced on Territorium’s platform will be available on Territorium’s platform.

Does Territorium offers paper and pencil tests? 
No, all of our tests are online through our platform that licenses ETS's content.

Do admins need to be certified to manage the test on your platform? 
No, its not necessary but we will be offering weekly webinars, a knowledge base and access to customer service via the support team and the customer success team.