How to activate your LifeJourney Application account via the web

Learn how to activate your account for the first time using the LifeJourney web application.

When setting up your Learner account for the first time via the LifeJourney mobile application, you will want to select the Create Your Account option from the home screen at

new login screen Web copy

In the “Enter the code” box, type or paste the test administration or institution code. Institution codes will be received to your email address in a welcome email from Territorium. Then click “Continue.

new enter code Web

If you select I don’t have a code you can still proceed with setting up your account but you will have to connect an institution later to access the application’s features.

Then you can complete your personal details to set up your full profile. Adding a profile picture is optional. Including your location information ensures that we can offer the right features to you in the application. Please agree to the terms and conditions of using the app and acknowledge the privacy policies. Select Create your account to continue.

new Update Profile Web

This will complete setting up your profile.


When your account is created you will receive a confirmation email. This email will be received from the address and the subject will be “New Account Lifejourney.”

confirmation email

If your institution is also offering you digital credentials and access to the career features in LifeJourney, you should visit the mobile app to configure your career pathways.