How to use Career Pathways to find skills and match to jobs

Learn how to find, set, and manage your favorited career pathways, which power the LifeJourney application.

The career-related features of the LifeJourney app enable you to use the skills that you have obtained from your credentials to find your best fit for potential career paths. You can also use it to find associated job opportunities to which you can apply.


Start with a Career Pathways

When you first start using the LifeJourney app, you will be prompted to search for some career pathways and save at least one. You can continue to update this as you use the app.

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Why do I need to save a pathway?

The purpose of the LifeJourney app is to help you track your job readiness as you accumulate digital credentials that have associated skills. The pathway provides information on a broader category of career paths and shows the potential salary ranges and skills necessary for a job in that field.

It can help you to understand what skills you still need to accumulate as you make decisions about what courses or training programs to take. You can also use the skill information to customize your resumes to highlight the presence of those skills.

Pathways and Fit scores

As you use the application you will be able to track progress with your opportunity fit score.

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You will see which skills you have obtained that relate to the pathway. Your score will change as you accumulate more skills.


pathway_finance manager

Pathways as filters

The pathways you save can also be used to filter your job search results. You can use these in two places:

Saving the list of the career pathways that you are most interested in will save you some time with your job search because of the ability to use these filters.


Search for a new pathway

To explore potential career paths, you can search for pathways on the Explore tab. 

Select Pathways and enter keywords to search for new career pathways.

new explore pathway

Select the name of the pathway to view details about it and your fit score. If your wallet contains credentials with skills that match, you will see these checked off on the profile. For example, selecting a pathway such as “financial managers” will show you your existing fit score based on the skills you have, which skills are matched, and a potential salary range (if that data is available in our database).

pathway page_fin manager

If you like this pathway and want to track your progress on earning skills for this career, you can select the + sign to save it to your favorites. You are allowed to save up to 5 pathways.

Edit your Pathways

If you want to edit or manage the pathways that you have saved you will need to go to the menu. Select the three dots on the bottom right corner of the application to access the main menu.

Select Pathways.


If you want to change which pathway you see on your home screen, use the star icon to select a new favorite

Use the trash can icon to delete a pathway if you no longer wish to track it.