What is my opportunity fit score?

Learn how to use your fit score to research career pathways and job opportunities.

The Opportunity fit score provides you with a potential match score based on the career pathways that you have saved. It helps you track your fit for a career, or a job, based upon the skills that you have accumulated.

Where do I see fit scores?

You will see a fit score in three main places:

  • on the home page related to your default pathway
  • in the list of your saved pathways presented on the home page, and
  • individual job fit scores on each job listing.


Your home page lists your default pathway and its score at the top. As you change which pathway is listed as your favorite, your fit score can change. It will also change as you accumulate new credentials with new skills.

mobile home page


Since you can save multiple pathways, under My Pathways you will also be able to see the others you have saved right on the home screen, along with their fit score. Just click on a pathway to learn more about it and the associated skills.

home screen_all pathways

Lastly, each job listing will contain an individual job fit score to the skills that you already have verified in your wallet.

job opp example

A job listing may present many more skills over and above those that are commonly needed for a career path. As a result, the score you see here for job fit may be lower than the pathway score because it is matching you to a longer list of skills unique to the employer. It is extremely rare to have a 100% match score, so don’t let it discourage you from applying.