How to apply for a job

Apply to jobs easily right within the LifeJourney application.

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Once you have obtained a list of jobs from either the Explore tab compass icon or the advanced search on the Job Opportunities tab briefcase icon, click on the job of interest to apply. You can apply for a job directly from each job description.

Individual job opportunities will contain the title, location, employer, job type, salary, industry, and educational degree required. You’ll see a short version of the job description as well as a list of skills required for the job. When you find a job for which you wish to look up more information or apply, click on it and select the Apply button.


job opp examplejob opp examp with skills

Understanding your score match

If you have any of the skills required by the job description, you will see them checked off on the list of skills.

Because each job description is unique and written by individual employers, you may see differences in skills between jobs and with the overall fit score you see on the home or pathway screens. Each job opportunity will give you a unique score based on the specific skills that match. For example, in the screenshot below you can see that the learner only has a 14% match for this job because only two of the skills are matched.

Often, job descriptions have many different skills required so it is normal to see a job score lower than a pathway score. Scores are directionally helpful and not a measure of your individual capability. You can use them as a guideline to determine how to position your application and if there are any more skills you wish to acquire before you apply for the job.

Applying for the job

Click the Apply button to go to the organization’s website and read the full job description and link to apply. You will access this external site but will still stay within the LifeJourney platform. This is so you can easily navigate back and forth between viewing the job and to quickly get back to your search results. You can click the back arrow < to return to the job listing within LifeJourney.

user stays within lifejourney to view job ad

So that LifeJourney can better track your interests to make recommendations, it will also ask for an update about whether you decided to apply for the job. Make sure you provide the most accurate answers for the best results!

user asked if apply