Purchasing Assessments from Territorium

Whether you utilize the Marketplace for credit card purchases or send Purchase Orders, Territorium makes it easy to buy assessments.

Purchases in the LifeJourney Marketplace must be done via credit card. Inventory gets applied immediately upon credit card authorization.

Purchase via the Marketplace by logging in as an administrator to your LifeJourney account and clicking on your institution to manage.

For Purchase Orders and discount options, send an email to success@territorium.com with your purchasing requirements, including:

Once we have sent your quote, you can e-sign it and either pay by credit card right from the quote OR send your purchase order to success@territorium.com. Inventory takes up to 2 business days from the time we receive your payment or PO to be applied to your account.

Where can I find my purchased inventory? Check out this handy tour of your orders...


Purchasing Assessment Units and Checking Inventory

To purchase tests via credit card, select Marketplace from the menu. To use a purchase order, please contact success@territorium.com. 

  • Choose your exam by clicking on the tile:
    • Testing mode selection will default to “Proctored” (via AI) mode with the corresponding per unit cost
    • IF YOU DO NOT need proctoring, be sure to select the drop-down for the testing mode to “without Proctoring”, which will adjust the per unit cost accordingly
    • Choose the Quantity of test units
    • Click Add to Cart
  • To add additional products to your cart, go back to the Marketplace option in your menu (your cart will build as you add products from the Marketplace menu item).
  • When you are ready to checkout, select the Cart icon from the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Review your cart contents and then click the Proceed to Payment button
  • Enter your credit card information (to use a purchase order or receive volume discounts, you must work with a Territorium sales consultant).
  • Click Pay Now to finalize the sale.
  • To confirm purchase and ensure sufficient units are available to test your cohort, select Orders under Administrations. The My Products tab will display an accumulation of all your purchased items and the My orders tab gives you an ordering history with access to download receipts for individual orders. 
  • Purchased test units expire at the end of the month, 1-year post purchase.  Expiration date, units expired, next expiration date and units expiring in 60 days, have been added to the My Products and My Orders tabs.