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E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) | FAQs

Frequently asked questions about E-Proficiency Profile.

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About E-Proficiency Profile

Q. Does the Territorium E-Proficiency Profile use the same or similar assessment content to the ETS Proficiency Profile?

A. Yes.  The Territorium E-Proficiency Profile test uses the same assessment content as the Proficiency Profile test that has been delivered by ETS.

Q. Does Territorium offer both the standard and abbreviated form of the Proficiency Profile?

A. Yes.

Q. Does Territorium offer both online testing and paper-and-pencil administration options for the Proficiency Profile?

A. Territorium will offer only online testing administrations commencing February 2023-March 2023.  ETS will service customers with existing digital and paper assessment credits through June 2023. 

Q. Does Territorium offer the Proficiency Profile Optional Essay?

A. No. Territorium offers an assessment similar to the Proficiency Profile Optional Essay, the HEIghten Written Communications assessment. For 15 minutes more in testing time, HEIghten Written Communications provides a powerful combination of human and automated scoring approaches to score essays.  This allows focused evaluation of writing skills such as writing skills in argumentation building up, critical use of resources, and other higher-order aspects of writing.  By providing a score that is a combination of performance on both the selected-response questions and on the direct writing measure, a more holistic view of a learner's overall writing proficiency with insights about the students’ knowledge or writing and whether they can put that knowledge into practice is provided. Territorium will work with existing ETS Proficiency Profile Optional Essay customers to smoothly transition to the HEIghten Written Communications assessment.

Q. How do other institutions use the Proficiency Profile?  What are best practices?

A. Almost 400 institutions nationwide rely on the Proficiency Profile to provide the valid, reliable data they need for a variety of planning, performance measurement, and improvement programs, including accreditation and accountability, academic program evaluation and improvement, and benchmarking. 

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Pricing & Buying the E-Proficiency Profile

Q. I have transferred inventory from the ETS platform, is there a deadline for when the transferred assessments must be used?

A. Transferred ETS inventory is only valid for administrations ending before December 31, 2023 due to the program ending.

Q. How can I buy E-Proficiency Profile assessments from Territorium?

A. To purchase E-Proficiency Profile assessments, please email success@territorium.com, and we will assist you with purchasing the necessary assessments at the discounted ETS customer rates. The LifeJourney Portal will also have options to purchase E-Proficiency Profile assessments at full price via credit card.

Q. Will the price for the E-Proficiency Profile remain the same?

A. Yes, ETS customers will enjoy the same price for Abbreviated and Standard forms of the EPP assessment until June 30, 2024.

Q. Is there volume pricing?

A. No. Currently, Territorium does not offer volume pricing for the E-Proficiency Profile. ETS customers will already have grandfathered pricing available to them which would far outweigh volume pricing offers.

Q. How long will it take to have the test available to our students once we make the decision?

        A. We provide quotes and invoices electronically, so the process to payment depends on
        your timeline. Once payment is made, the inventory will be in your account within 1
        business day. For immediate needs, you can pay via credit card on the Marketplace within

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Assessment Administration & Support

Q. When can I create an institutional account with Territorium?

A. Now. Territorium is ready to support all Proficiency Profile customers in their transition to the Territorium LifeJourney platform on the customer’s timeline. 

Q. How can I create an institutional account with Territorium?

A. Your Territorium Customer Success Manager will assist you. Simply fill out the form at https://territorium.com/create-new-customer-account/.

Q. How can I create an administrator account for my institution with Territorium?

A. Your Territorium Customer Success Manager will assist you in ensuring that your administrator accounts are established and that administrators are trained to use the Territorium platform to administer the E-Proficiency Profile. When you request your institutional account, the administrator access will be created for you as well. Credentials will be emailed to you directly along with several support resources for E-Proficiency Profile administrators (be sure to whitelist the Territorium.com domain so that you receive all of our emails).

Q. Can I have multiple administrator accounts for my institution with Territorium?  If yes, how do I set those up?

A. Yes. Territorium’s Customer Success team will work with customers to ensure that their administrator accounts are established and that each administrator is trained to use the Territorium platform to administer the E-Proficiency Profile.

Q. How are the student accounts created?

A. Students will have the ability to create their own account on the Territorium platform. The LifeJourney platform does provide for bulk uploads of Learner accounts for the Comprehensive Learner Record tools, but we RECOMMEND that our assessment services customers have their students self-register with the administration code for the exams they are taking.

Q. Is the abbreviated EPP proctored as well?

        A. Yes, the standard and abbreviated are both available as non-proctored, institution    
        proctored OR AI proctored. Please see Proctoring for Assessments for more information.

Q. Which version (standard or abbreviated) is being used by most colleges for assessing General Education outcomes?

        A. The most popular format is the abbreviated, but the richer data set is achieved using the
        standard form. The standard form generates all scaled scores AND proficiency
        classifications for individual testers and the entire group. The abbreviated only generates
        the proficiency classification info for the aggregate group (not the individual testers).

Q. Will I receive training on use of the Territorium assessment administration service?

A. Yes. Territorium will conduct on-demand Assessment Administration training sessions and a digital library of quick reference resources to support Assessment Administrators (including monthly webinars archived at the Territorium Webinars support page).

Q. Where can I access digital instructional manuals and instructional videos for self-directed, on-demand assistance?

A. Territorium has a digital library of quick reference resources available online to support Assessment Administrators and Students. Please bookmark this web page as a future reference.

Q. How can I get a PDF version of a Success Center support article?

         A. In order for us to keep the information updated when we release new features, we have
         all of our support on the Success Center in online articles. We have some admins who
         utilize a “print to PDF” feature in their browsers to get a download static copy of the
         instructions, but please realize that those may change with updates to our LifeJourney
         portal or assessment services technologies.

Q. How do I access support? What is the expected response time to my questions or issues?

A. You can access support by emailing success@territorium.com. You will receive a response from Territorium within 1 business day.

Q. How do students access support? What is the expected response time to their questions or issues?

A. Students can access support by emailing support@territorium.com. Students will receive a response from Territorium within 1 business day.

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Data & Reporting

Q. Will I still receive the same report data and reports from Territorium for the E-Proficiency Profile that I received from the ETS Proficiency Profile?

A.Yes. Territorium is working closely with ETS to ensure continuity in the report data and reports.

Q. In what formats will the reports be available?

A.Territorium will provide report data in both CSV and PDF formats.

Q. Will I have access to report data from past administrations serviced by ETS?

A. You are highly encouraged to download your data now from ETS’s Program Workshop platform to ensure uninterrupted access to your data.

Q. How long will it take for us to get the results?

         A. Results begin to generate as soon as the first completed exam is submitted and can be
         viewed in the raw format. For aggregated reports, a threshold of completed reports must be
         met before they are available.

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BONUS: Transition Checklist

1. Your institutional account and admin access have been requested - you should see an email or already have it (be sure to check your spam/junk email if not).
2. Ensure your cohorts on ETS's Program Workshop are closed before June 30, 2023 and request the transfer of inventory to Territorium using this form.
3. Ensure your cohorts on ETS's Program Workshop are closed before June 30, 2023 and request the transfer of historical data to Territorium using this form.
4. Log in to your Territorium LifeJourney account using the credentials from step #1.
5. Create a Learning Experience in your dashboard using a naming convention you can find when you create the administration.
6. Create an Administration in your dashboard - relate it to a test in your inventory and your Learning Experience (tip: type the first letter of your Learning Experience in the field to find it and select it).
7. Use the generated code on your dashboard to get access for testers - there is a Non-proctored student access instructions for E-Proficiency Profile.
8. Students go to life.territorium.com, enter the code, create a new account for themselves, check the lockdown browser install and then begin their tests.