Using the Home page

Explore the features of the LifeJourney mobile app home page.

On the home page, in addition to the digital wallet where you manage your credentials, you will see an Opportunity fit score. This provides you with a potential match score based on the Career Pathway that you have saved as your favorite. As you change which Career Pathway is listed as your favorite your fit score can change.

mobile home page

On the home screen, you will also be able to see:

  • Learning outcomes assigned to you
  • Skills associated with your favorite pathway
  • Your saved career pathways
  • Your assigned learning experiences and assessments
  • Your wallet and credentials

Learning Outcomes

At the top of the home page you can click on Learning Outcomes to access any manual assignments that you may have to earn credentials. Learning outcomes serve as a way for your institution to assign you a specific achievement where you can upload evidence.

mobile home learning outcomes

Tip: Learn more about how to earn a credential – mobile or web.

Skills & career pathways

The home page will also provide your list of skills that you are pursuing along your favorite career path. When you complete a skill by earning a credential, it will be marked as complete with a check mark, and you will see your fit score update.

home page skills

If you scroll down, the home page will also show you the other pathways that you have favorited and your potential score. Just click on the pathway to see more information about it and the related skills.

Tip: Learn more about using career pathways.


If your institution is also using LifeJourney for specific assessment exams such as our EPP or HEIghten assessments, you may see a list of your completed assessments under My Assessments. Assessments can only be completed via the web application.

Learning Experiences

If you are assigned to learning experiences to earn credentials, you will see these listed on the home page. Often, these learning experiences are associated with activities, programs, or courses in which you are enrolled. The learning experience allows you to see which skills may be associated with that experience (if assigned) and rate the learning experience.

home page learning experiences

You can also access your list of learning experiences from the profile or configuration menus.

My Wallet

The home page will also provide quick access to your recently achieved credentials in case you need to quickly access them to claim or share.

home page my wallet